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Zakia HammalZamia HammalZamia Hammal

Carnegie Mellon University
The Robotics Institut
Pittsbourgh, PA (USA)

Steffen Walter

Steffen Walter, UlmSteffen Walter, Ulm

Ulm University (D)
Medical Psychology

Nadia Berthouze NadiaNadia

University College London (UK)
Affective Interaction and Computing

Pain Assessment
The Third Workshop on Automated Assessment of Pain


October 9th, 2023


Location: Room 105


9.00 am: Opening of the AAP-2023 workshop


9.10-10.00 am: Keynote 1
Benedikt Schick (University Hospital Ulm, Germany):
Vision of automated pain detection from a medical point of view

10.00-10.20 am: Impulse Talk
Tobias Beniamin Ricken, Peter Bellmann, Sascha Gruss, Steffen Walter, Friedhelm Schwenker (Ulm University, Germany):
Pain Recognition Differences between Female and Male Subjects: An Analysis based on the Physiological Signals of the X-ITE Pain Database


10.30-10.50 am: Morning Coffee


10.50-11.30 am: Keynote 2
Lola Cañamero (CY Cergy Paris University, France):
Robots as tools and models in the study of wellbeing, pleasure and pain

11.30-11.50 am: Impulse Talk
Prasanth Murali, Mehdi Arjmand, Matias Volonte, Zixi Li, James Griffith, Michael Paasche-Orlow, Timothy Bickmore:
Automated Pain Assessment using Embodied Conversational Agents


12.00-1.30 pm: Lunch


1.30-2.10 pm: Keynote 3
Albert Ali Salah (Utrecht University, Netherlands:
Computer vision based assessment of animal pain

2.10-3.00 pm: Keynote 4
Claus Deissler (KPUNKT Technologie Marketing GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany):
Automated pain research, from research to economy exploitation


3-3:20 pm: Afternoon Coffee


3:20-3.30 pm: Impulse Talk
Steffen Walter (Ulm University, Germany):
Automated pain detection: where we are and where we want to go. A perspective from Ulm


3.30 pm: Closing Remarques